Saturday, January 22, 2011

Calling All Opinions....

My plan to go raw for the month of February was reconfirmed yesterday in the face of some of my doubts.

I stopped in at the gas station [on my death trip down to Waterville in the middle of our largest snow storm] to grab a cup of hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee, I never have, so it's never been a stumbling point for me.

I got a hot cocoa, and because I always think hot cocoa is better with a bit of milk, I added a few of these bad boys.

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

Ugghhh I knew I should have gone with the tea instead.

I started noticing this problem in high school. I think it might be an allergy of some sort or inflammation, [which is weird for me, because I'm not allergic to anything- not even poison ivy]? I'm looking for opinions.

A few hours after coffee mate products, some whipped creams, Starbuck's strawberries and cream drink, and some Dairy Queen smoothies every joint in my body begins to ache like a 90 year old woman who just finished the Boston marathon. I almost always notice it first in my knees, hips, and elbows, but it spreads right down to my ankles, toes, and fingertips. It's so painful, I usually spend the evening rubbing my knees and elbows trying to make the aching pain go away. It makes sitting still nearly unbearable and I find myself pacing trying to "walk it off." I go to bed restless and wake up in the morning feeling much better.

When I first noticed it happen, I thought it was an activity-induced issue, but after it happening sporadically for years and years I was able to narrow it down to these specific products.

This does NOT happen with regular dairy products like milk, cheeses, and ice cream.

I should know by now to steer clear of these products, but sometimes I just don't think of it until it's too late.

Any thoughts or opinions as to what causes this or why it happens?

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