Wednesday, January 19, 2011


For Christmas this year, my good friend [let's call her Berts] gave me some wonderful orange sugar bath scrub that she made and bottled in a mason jar.

This stuff is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized all while smelling orangey. Plus it's something you can make in your own home and save yourself the cost of those expensive exfoliating scrubs!

Although high sugar diets have been scientifically proven to be poor for your skin, glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin, is produced by sugar cane. So if you shouldn't eat it, why not wear it?

I don't have the recipe that she used [note to self: get recipe from Berts], but when I do get it, I will make sure to share it with you. Seriously, this stuff is amazing.

My best guess at ingredients is sugar, oils, and orangey goodness.

Anyways, my point is your skin is your body's largest organ. It makes up for 16% of your body mass. It plays a key role in protecting you against nasty pathogens, excessive water loss, provides you insulation, and the sense of touch. The skin is an amazing part of your body that is in constant battle with the environment to protect you. Why make it work harder with slapping it with some chemically-induced products? Why not reward it for all it's hard work it does for you?

In part of my raw food diet, I've started phasing in more natural products for hygiene. After reading up on Rawsome Detox for Healthy You, I'm curious also to try oil pulling, especially with my teeth history. I'm often times a bit too skeptical for my own good, so I certainly have been doing my research on this one. I even looked up some scientific articles on it, because I wanted to know the mechanism in which vegetable oils kill bacteria [read: nerd] and clears your body of toxins.

This is worthy of a whole post of it's own.... and will come in due time, once I've tried it sufficiently enough to give you my raw opinion on it.

If you'd like more info on sugar scrubs, please check out this recipe. It's not exact to what Berts made me, but I think it's close enough, so you get the idea.

Plus, I'm pretty sure once you're done taking care of your skin, you could throw any extra into a batch of cookies!....Uhh ok, nevermind. That's just really gross.


  1. Sarah, once again you bring to us great information, food for thought and inspiration to read and learn more. Wish I coul just click on a " I LOVE IT 'button, as I know that is what I'm going to want to write after every blog post:)What ever we put on our skin, we may as well of put in our mouth..Beauty is skin deep:)

  2. Nice Sarah!! Well Written, great info....I am oil pulling as well, my mouth is less dry, I honestly think my teeth are a tad lighter, and if nothing else, my lips are very well conditioned!! :)

  3. I'm going to try the sugar scrub tomorrow! Looks so easy ~ And the girls will like helping me :) Your doing great!

  4. One word of caution that I forgot: I slathered it all on in the bathtub, and the oil made the tub really slippery. I'ld use a small amount at a time, and just watch yourself getting in and out of the tub!