Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 8: Week 1 Complete

Successfully completed week 1!

3 more weeks to go.

I feel more energetic, my food is being digested easier and causing less bloating, gas, heartburn, etc. I feel healthier. I also miss warm dinner.

Since it's been a whole week. I think it's time to update you on my weight change.

Remember, I haven't changed my exercise routine (but I may need to with all the extra energy).

So. Here's the graph charting my weight change over the course of a month. I set 10 pounds as a conservative estimate as what I might lose (about 2 lbs/week).

Goal Weight
Actual Weight

So as you can see, the blue line represents 10 lbs lost over the course of a month, and the teal line represents my actual weight lost. You can see I'm way ahead of the game by actually losing just over 4lbs this week. Nearly double my "goal." (and yes I did edit the graph to take my actual weights out, because really- it's nonya' business.)

Tomorrow will start up again with menus and nutrition info.


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